Frequently Asked Questions

For Advertisers:

How can I pay?

We currently accept Payza (20% discount), PayPal and Account Ballance (10% discount) for advertising purchases.

What kind of sites can I advertise?

You may advertise any kind of site as long as it does not break our terms of service. We do not allow any sites relating to or in connection to illegal activities, adult content, gang or hate based, or otherwise non-family oriented topics.

Are the hits unique?

Yes, 100%. Each member is only allowed to view your site only once. We strictly enforce expunging duplicate accounts to ensure that you get the best possible throughput for your money.

For Members:

Can I have more than one account?

No, you can't.

How do I get paid?

Once you have reached at least $1 balance, you may request payment via PayPal.
You will receive your money within 7 days after requesting.
The fee is 1%.

How much i can earn from referrals?

Basic (Free members) earn 5% from all referral earnings in 5 levels referral system.

Premium members earn 20% from all referral earnings in 5 levels referral system + 20% Bonus Of direct Referral's Purchases and 10% Bonus When direct Referrals Upgrade.

I've forgot my PIN, so i can't withdraw my money and/or edit my account?

Please contact us and we'll create NEW PIN for you.

I can't withdraw my money. What is my account ID?

It's your PayPal email.

My question is not listed here!

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us.